About Us

Guru Meta chem started with the production of coke, fluxes and chemicals for steel manufacturers, in the year 2006. 12 years have passed, and our company has expanded the portfolio to several construction products, minerals and industrial products. Access of valuable products in portfolio, competitive pricing and outstanding services have together made us a reliable manufacturer and exporter.

The head office and plant of our company is located in Ahmadabad, INDIA, where standard and tailor-made refractories are produced in line with the international standards. The industries that find our products useful in their processes, include:



Coke Oven


Sponge Iron

Re-rolling mills


Ferrous and Non-ferrous

Chemical and Incinerators

With the products that help increase the capacity and modernization, our company is serving customers with progressively updated technology and providing consistently high quality products.

Our Vision

We want to become one of the top companies from India. In next 10 years, we want to expand our reach to overseas markets, while continuously increasing the products and services in the portfolio. We see ourselves standing amongst the leading names in the manufacturing and export industry.


We want to increase our products and production capacities in order to serve every industry and department. As quality is out best policy, we always strive to produce and deliver world-class products.

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